Master Tung’s Magic Points Beginning Series Two


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The complete Master Tung’s Magic Points Beginning Series, taught by Susan Johnson, is a three-workshop video series, designed to immerse practitioners in this profound system of acupuncture.

This is the second of those three workshops. Taught by Susan over Zoom in 2021, it was the first time she had taught the full Beginning Series in several years. This version of the series embodies the fullness of her experience, built up over the course of her entire career of nearly 40 years working with Master Tung's Magic Points.

Susan presents points from Master Tung’s system, including:

  • Precise anatomical location
  • Operative theory
  • Indications
  • Point combinations
  • Case studies

Crystal clear video clips demonstrate the precise point location and needling technique for points discussed in class.

Students learn unique and practical tools that will allow them to use the points immediately and effectively.

These online seminars are an exceptional opportunity to learn Master Tung’s points, fondly referred to as “magic” points. Some people dislike the word “magic” in reference to the points, but you might decide for yourself after trying out Master Tung’s Points.

The workshops are designed for both beginning and advanced students, and the points are appropriate for practitioners at every level. In the beginning stages of learning this point system, students find that it’s an invaluable recipe book—simple to learn, useful, and effective right away.

The complexities and deeper connections of the system become clear as practitioners study these points again and again. Susan continuously expands her own understanding of the points, and includes new information and case studies each time she teaches. These classes are very relevant for practitioners who want to review their techniques.

Together, all three workshops comprise the complete Master Tung’s Magic Points Beginning Series. Each can be purchased separately, or you can purchase the whole series as a bundle.

Spanning three weekends of instruction, this series is far more extensive than the one-weekend “Best Of Tung’s” or two-weekend “In-Depth” series that many of you may have already taken:

  • A total of 33.5 CEUs (for NCCAOM & CAB)
  • Get the most solid beginning foundation possible
  • 40% more points than the two-weekend series
  • Covers all the lesser-known, powerful points

Handouts will be provided; no books are required.

About Beginning Two

Beginning Two is divided into seven separate videos, comprising over twelve hours of instruction in total. Each video has been carefully indexed to allow you to jump to the exact section you wish to access.

Video 1

  1. 11.10 Mu Huo and the elderly
  2. Tissue Correspondences
  3. Transporting Points
  4. Miriam Lee’s Ten Great Needles; Tonification and Sedation

Video 2

  1. 33.12 Heart Gate
  2. 33.13-33.15 Three Scholars
  3. 33.16 Curve Mound
  4. 44.01 Dividing Gold
  5. 44.02 Back Vertebrae/44.03 Head Wisdom
  6. 44.04-44.05 Wealth Top & Back Branch
  7. 44.06 Shoulder Triangle
  8. 44.07 Back Face - Bei Mian
  9. 44.08, 44.09, 44.10 Three Ancestors - Man Ancestor, Earth Anc., Heavenly Ancestor
  10. 44.11 - Cloud White, 44.12 - Plum White
  11. 44.13 Branch Through, 44.14 Falling Through
  12. 44.15 Lower Curve, 44.16 Upper Curve
  13. 44:17 Water Healing

Video 3

  1. 55.01 Fire Bag
  2. 55.02 Flower Bone One
  3. 55.03 Flower Bone Two
  4. 55.04 Flower Bone Three/55.05 Flower Bone Four
  5. 55.06 Upper Tumor
  6. Three Stove Bottom - both variations of 55.06
  7. Start of 55.06 point location video
  8. 66.01 - Seal

Video 4

  1. Q&A – miscellaneous good stuff

Video 5

  1. 55.02 Wood Wife
  2. 66.03 Fire Hardness + Long talk about facial cupping, 66.04 Fire Master + labor induction
  3. 66:05 Golden Gate + Paralytic Colon Tx
  4. 66.06 Wood Keep, 66.07 Wood Scoop
  5. 66.08 Sixth Finish
  6. 66.09 Water Curve
  7. 66.10 Fire Connection
  8. 66.11 Fire Chrysanthemum
  9. 66:12 Fire Scatter
  10. 66.13 Water Crystal
  11. 66.14 Water Phase, 66.15 Water Fairy

Video 6

  1. 77.01-77.02 Correct Tendons
  2. 77.03 Upright Scholar
  3. 77.04 Catching (the) Ball
  4. Other positions for needling Correct Tendons
  5. Other positions for needling Flower Bone One
  6. UB 40 - Middle Crease - Wei Zhong

Video 7

  1. 77.05-77.07 Three Weights
  2. 77. 08 Four Flower Upper/77.09 Four Flower Middle
  3. 77.08/77.09 Video
  4. 77.10 Four Flower Quasi
  5. 77.11 Four Flower Lower, 77.12 Bowel Intestine
  6. 77.13-77.14 Four Flower Points
  7. 77.13 Four Flower Inner, 77.14 Four Flower Outer
  8. Starts answering questions

Refund Policy

We are not able to offer refunds for our online courses.

Continuing Education Units and Certification

California Acupuncture Board (CAB)

Beginning Series One qualifies as a CAB Category 1 Course and provides 12 units of CAB continuing education credit. If you choose the CAB option, successful course completion includes a CAB completion certificate attesting to your completed CEUs.


Beginning Series One qualifies for 12 units of NCCAOM continuing education credit. If you choose the NCCAOM option, successful course completion includes an NCCAOM completion certificate attesting to your completed CEUs.

For those practitioners licensed by more than one of these bodies, the capacity exists to download certificates for more than one body (instructions are provided in the learning platform.)

General Attainment Certificate

Should you not be affiliated with the above certification boards, you will receive a general certificate of upon successful completion of the course.

One Year Course Access

Your course purchase provides you with one year of access time.



Instruction provided by Susan Johnson, L.Ac. CAB #2329

This course has been approved by NCCAOM, and the California Acupuncture Board (Provider Number 0005) for a total of 12 hours of PDAs/CEUs.