Diseases and Point Combinations


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Understanding how different point combinations are best used to treat a wide variety of specific diseases, gives you lots of options right at your fingertips. Filmed in 2022, this newest recording series constitutes an incredible collection. With 24 separate videos (13 total hours of instruction), the new Diseases and Point Combinations Videos represent Susan’s depth of knowledge in over 35 years of practice. Each video contains a Table of Contents (TOC), listing every item — each usually just a minute or two in length — with markers that allow you to quickly zoom in on the exact section you are looking for. For example: Headache, alone, has 57 markers, representing 57 different pieces of information, and with the TOC, each one is very easy to find.

For example, when your headache patient comes in with a bad one: imagine yourself going right to your laptop, and to the hour-long lecture from Susan, just on headaches. Then, perusing the detailed TOC, you jump to section 2, “cyclic headache” to hear the precise 21 seconds she has to say about that: then, you jump to item 14, “Temporal and Tai Yang headaches”, to listen to the exact 1:40 on that topic. Before you know it, you have been able to access several specific pieces of her lecture, to zoom right in to the knowledge that you need in that moment. This is where your practice will really take off!

“It’s not me — it’s Tung’s Points,” says Susan. “They just work, so much better than textbook acupuncture. Don’t take my word for it — ask your patients — they’ll tell you.”

Sample Clips (Headache video)

We have prepared three substantial clips from Susan’s hour-long Headache video to give you a sense of the depth of detail, of even this one topic.

See Video Samples

Go here to see the videos.

TOC Sample (Headache Video)

Video Contents

  • Video 1 – Class Introduction
  • Video 2 – Headache
  • Video 3 – Eye Diseases
  • Video 4 – Nose Diseases
  • Video 5 – Ear Diseases
  • Video 6 – Mouth, Tongue, & Teeth Diseases
  • Video 7 – Q&A 1
  • Video 8 – Facial Diseases
  • Video 9 – Neck Diseases
  • Video 10 – Upper Limb Diseases
  • Video 11 – Lower Limb Diseas
  • Video 12 – Chest & Abdominal Diseases
  • Video 13 – Q&A 2
  • Video 14 – Heart Disease
  • Video 15 – Liver & Gall Bladder Disease
  • Video 16 – Lung Diseases
  • Video 17 – Spleen & Stomach Diseases
  • Video 18 – Q&A 3
  • Video 19 – Kidney & Urinary Bladder
  • Video 20 – Intestinal Diseases
  • Video 21 – External Genitalia
  • Video 22 – Gynecology
  • Video 23 – Paralysis Due to Stroke & Wind or Phlegm Diseases
  • Video 24 – Miscellaneous Diseases


This course also carries a total of 13 CEUs (for NCCAOM & CAB) upon quiz completion.

Handouts will be provided; no books are required.

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California Acupuncture Board (CAB)

Diseases and Point Combinations qualifies as a CAB Category 1 Course and provides 13 units of CAB continuing education credit. If you choose the CAB option, successful course completion includes a CAB completion certificate attesting to your completed CEUs.


Diseases and Point Combinations qualifies for 13 units of NCCAOM continuing education credit. If you choose the NCCAOM option, successful course completion includes an NCCAOM completion certificate attesting to your completed CEUs.

For those practitioners licensed by more than one of these bodies, the capacity exists to download certificates for more than one body (instructions are provided in the learning platform.)

General Attainment Certificate

Should you not be affiliated with the above certification boards, you will receive a general certificate of upon successful completion of the course.

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Instruction provided by Susan Johnson, L.Ac. CAB #2329

This course has been approved by NCCAOM, and the California Acupuncture Board (Provider Number 0005) for a total of 13 hours of PDAs/CEUs.