Master Tung's Magic Points:
A Definitive Clinical Guide

Written in collaboration with Susan Johnson's colleague and student Eric Renaud, this long-awaited work is the culmination of Susan's 35 years of intensive study, mentoring, classroom teaching, and successful clinical experience treating a broad range of disorders using Master Tung's points.

As an acupuncturist who has treated thousands of patients, taught thousands of students over three decades, and earned international recognition, Susan Johnson is a master practitioner and instructor. In this book, she shares selected case histories from her clinical experience as well as her studies with renowned teachers, Dr. Miriam Lee and Dr. Wei-Chieh Young. The book provides detailed theory to uncover the mechanics and magic of Tung's points. All of the numerous point descriptions include detailed point locations, reaction areas, lists of indications, notes for accurate needling, cautions, point combinations, and comments.

Indications Index

Sixteen Pages

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The information in the book is invaluable, and the detail about points and how to find them is excellent. But one of the other great things about it is, it's got a lot of her life experience, so it's almost like being in on one of her video courses or in person courses.
- Alan Sunbeam, L.Ac.,

Susan this book is my new go to Reference it replaces 6 volumes of Maher which I have used for many years. Thank you for taking care of us(the profession) Your work sets a new standard of professionalism.