This video is from a one-hour class I taught last weekend on Radical Compassion. Portions of this video may change the way you think. For example, are you harnessing the energy of the Universe and applying it to the needle?

Most acupuncturists are accustomed to using many needles per treatment, in a course of 10 or more treatments, before they see results. But with Master Tung's Magic Points, the patient usually feels improvement after only one or two treatments, with very few needles.

Susan's interview with Michael Max of the Qiological Podcast

Susan with Book

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Master Tung's Points are fondly referred to as 'magic' because in most cases, these points deliver instant and lasting results.

Master Tung's Points are located opposite the affected area (points on the head can treat the feet, and vice versa). For this reason, the body's energetic pathways must be kept clear, so the practitioner selects only a few powerful points for treatment.

Tung's acupuncture is very safe; most of the points are located on the extremities, pushing energy toward a deficiency or pulling it from an excess. Needles are never inserted at the site of pain or injury. This efficient system enables you to see many patients in a short time, and it's perfect for network or group acupuncture. Patients love the simplicity and effectiveness of Tung's Points treatments.

Our DVDs and Seminars make it easy for you to learn Master Tung's acupuncture, a remarkable system that will revolutionize your practice. Tung's Points will enable you to serve your patients in a profound and lasting way.