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Login Help

If you have any challenges with logging in, here are a few tips!

1. Social Login

On this page you will see buttons above, to allow you to login via Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft (Outlook/Hotmail/Live/MSN):

  • If you signed up with a Gmail email address (, you can use the Gmail button
  • If you signed up with a Yahoo email address (, you can use the Yahoo button
  • If your email is connected to,,, or, you can use the "Login Outlook/Hotmail/Live" button to login

Many people like this way of logging in, and not having to remember another username/password combination.

We may add other "buttons" in the future to expand these options.

2. Instead of your username, you can use your email

If you are still using the "Username/Password" method of logging in, you should know that you don't actually have to remember your username — you can just use the email you used when you created the account, in place of the username.

3. Resetting Your Password

Also, if you are still using the "Username/Password" function, and do not remember your password (or feel you never got one), the process is always the same: Just click on the "Forgot?" link below the login form, and follow the instructions. You will be emailed a link that lets you create a new one.

Accessing Your Courses

Once logged in, a new menu bar will appear below the main one, that looks like this:

Just click on MY COURSES to see a list of your active courses.

From there, simply click on the one you with to access.