WOW!! I have your book and 20 hours of class with you from Lotus Institute and Healthy Seminars. And now I am on fire for more!! The results are phenomenal and so incredible. I have taken other Master Tung classes and never had the results. Maybe those classes prepared me for yours? Just a giant thank you for your efforts to share this work. So!!! When is your next in-person, non-zoom class?

— Mary Jennings

This is not a question, just a compliment. At the moment I am taking your zoom class on Master Tung’s points, for maybe the third time. I learn something new each time.

You’re the only teacher I have followed for so long; the things I’ve learned have been invaluable to my patients and my practice.

The thing I love best about your classes is your detailed description of how to needle each point. I love that your films are so clear and easy to watch. I own a copy and frequently review them. I especially appreciate the way you take such care to make your patients comfortable. Not everyone does this, and I think it’s essential to giving a good treatment.

In Gratitude,

Janet Williams

hi susan. i hope you are doing well. thank you for your response about my patient with aggressive cancer. i decided to keep going with the point daily with her- because for whatever reason she truly is the miracle patient and so far is completely cancer free. and she doesn’t mind doing it every day. so if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it i think.

i wanted to share with you something that was truly mind blowing to me. i have a new patient – i have seen her about 5 times so far. she has been trying to get pregnant for 6 years – every single month. she has had pretty terrible care from kaiser around evening getting basic blood work and so has had pretty minimal / terrible care from them. i used 3 sisters weekly as well as gyn and return to nest and sometimes added 3 emperors one side. . 5 treatments and she just sent me a message that she is pregnant. 🙂 i am glad she wasn’t with me when she told me- as my jaw dropped to the floor. and crazy enough this happened through a huge stressful time for her- she was in the middle of a big move that was very difficult.

i only started using 3 sisters and plum blossom points about 5 months ago -for some reason in all the classes i took with you they were never in the notes i took. and then suddenly the last class i took with you you mentioned them. i actually started using them for another reason – a patient with endometriosis- and then a colleague of mine and i started doing a monthly study session together using your book. and we just both took deep dives into those points. and man oh man they are changing the entire game.

that’s it- i just wanted to share with you this incredible story and say thank you. your book is changing my practice- somehow even more than 13 years of classes with you. the depth is just incredible, your knowledge, what you chose to share. i feel like i know your teaching style quite well having taken so many classes with you- and i can feel that same depth, knowledge, and incredible labor of love in your book. thank you thank you.

in gratitude,

jill stevens

Hi Susan,

I hope this email finds you well.

I’m hanging in there. Waiting for the surgery on the 25th of October if not sooner. We shall see.

As you had asked, attached you will find a document with a testimony for your forum. I didn’t find a way to add it to your website so I decided to send it to you.

You will also find a few cases I’ve had where I have used Master Tung points. I hope this helps you when you teach.

Again thank you for everything!

Gloria Alday

Thank you Susan,

I am so excited about all the information you deliver on your webinar. Thank you for sharing such depth, wisdom and experience. My clinic is rising to another level with every TUNG treatment.

Thank you 🙏

Udi (Dr. Ehud Udi Tal)

Thank you so much for your response and taking time out of your busy schedule, no worries about the technical difficulties. Technology is a two edged sword when it works its great, and when it doesn’t it can be frustrating. I have pasted a copy of the link to the receipt.. Checkout | Master Tung’s Magic Points (tungspoints.com). Also I cannot thank you enough for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I am already having some incredible results with Master Tung’s acupuncture and I’m only a Master Tung infant. A couple of quick successes I had a patient with daily migraines for 50 years come in, everyday a migraine, and they were quite debilitating I used four needles after I took those out I had her turn over and inserted Correct tendons. She got off the table without a migraine. During the next four days she had no migraines. On the fifth day after the treatment she once again had no migraine and came into see me that day. I treated her and have not seen her since. Her sister who referred has been in and reports her sister has yet to have a migraine. The second is a multiple sclerosis patient who has been diagnosed three years and has 22 lesions in the brain and spinal cord. She has no sensation in her legs from the knees down and she had a waddling gait. I used one of your MS protocols, after the treatment she got up had sensation in her legs and was ambulating with a heel to toe gait. Needless to say we were both shocked. I know the power of Master Tung acupuncture, however with my PT background of rehabing MS patients I never saw anything so dramatic. Thanks alot take care I am looking so forward to the advanced, and your new book.

Robert Cecil

Hello Susan,

Thank you for the pricing info. I ordered the book and e-book. I am so excited with the e-book, I can’t put it down.

Susan, thank you for this pivotal work.

I am still going through your webinars via ‘Net of Knowledge’. My clinic is transformed. My patients are all benefiting from all the new techniques and approaches that you teach. My clinical results have spiked as never before. After 22 years of acupucture, I am as bushy-tailed as my 1st day in clinic.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, experience, expertise and passion.

Heartful thanks,

Ehud Udi Tal

Hi Susan – big thanks for that amazing book. I double checked your protocol for frozen shoulder in the book and much better results the next treatment – after cup, bleed, needle – pain greatly reduced after that treatment, still working on ROM, which is budging. But for that patient to be in much less pain and able to sleep was critical. She can feel the tissue changing as well, and I have been able to get farther into the axillary area with each subsequent treatment – big dark purple mark in the middle of the underarm last treatment which was obviously a place I had not gotten to before.

And Correct Tendons – continues to be such an amazing and unique set of points. Showed my friend and new acupuncturist Daniel how to needle it on a third party recently, partly because I have been wanting to revisit that point for myself. And my gosh if that QL muscle didn’t let go with dark purple marks where I was expecting them at SI11 and in the QL from the cups. Truly a miraculous point. Low back was palpably softer as I’m sure was the neck and occiput.

So thank you Susan Johnson for your teaching and that book. I told Daniel that I felt it was THE Tung book to get. Really really good. So thank you. Feel like if I missed anything in the lectures, it’s in there. A real gift.


Respected Dr Susan,

I can’t explain you how much teachings you passed on through those videos to me. In Indian tradition the importance of listening direct from the master carries a lot of importance as teacher imparts his/her experience and blessings in a very subtle way which helps student memorise and and perform with confidence.

I have your book and e-book too. It carries a lot of information but reading it as a reference after listening to you makes it more useful for me.

I am really sorry for not showing my deep interest in learning and made you think that I lost interest. I can assure you that this mind is just made for learning and if those learnings are coming from a master like you then I am always for it.

Deep respect and regards.

Kanchman Babbar

Hello Susan,

I have been treating Young Garcia and I can see improvement.

In general pain has reduced from 6-7/10 to 2/10.

His situation is certainly a challenging one.

He is off sport now, possibly should have been done earlier, but as you know with sport men,

Well they just have to do this and that before they can stop.

Progress is slow, and I change the approach slightly as nothing has been too obvious in its effect.

So far the Pc.3, Liv3 (TUNG) and 77.08 has shown most promise.

Last session I added 88.03 and that also seemed to help.

Young Garcia is impatient, and I am probably quietly the same.

There is no question that a reduction to 2/10 pain is good, however I would love t o see a bigger shift.

The anterior distal edge of the patella at tibialis anterior origin is exactly where the pain is to the touch and there is evident swelling (Grissle) there- bilaterally,

with the Right knee being worse that the left.

On another note. I have been using almost solely what you have been teaching.

I am stunned by the results I see every day and I am so excited.

I have been running a successful clinic for 28 Years and I am more certain about what I am doing today than ever before.

While I know this is only the start of this new journey.

I have seen a 55 year old with very bad knee pain LHS. Used 11.09 only and the pain was gone. Completely gone. He said- “I wish I could repair my cars as quickly as you fixed my knee” – (mechanic).

I used the pre- scalp points for anxiety, a complicated case. She came back asking for more, her all state was changed.

I bled UB40 on a patient with sciatica- instant relief.

There’s more, a lot more.

Just wanted to say thank you. You are reaching and helping people through other practitioners far beyond the walls of your own clinic, your state, and country.

Thank you for your teachings.

Ehud Udi Tal

Dearest Susan,

I am honored and grateful for being offered this extraordinarily generous opportunity by you, but will be unable to attend those dates. I do hope someone can fill this spot ASAP.

I eagerly await the next volumes of yours and Eric’s amazing published work…Volume one still gets opened and perused just about everyday I’m in the clinic.

Your teaching has been so foundational for my work and I will always be so grateful to you for all that you have shared.

I would love to call you one day this fall as I do have a clinical question to ask.

Thank you for all that you do and all that you are. Good luck with the weekend class and enjoy your time shepherding those eager minds into the extraordinary world of Tung’s points!

With love and much gratitude,

Gregor Bertram


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Susan I love the book!

I am so glad that I bought it and it has been an invaluable resource. My results with patients have increased and my patients are seeing changes in fewer acupuncture treatments. Not to mention I have some great protocols to help significantly with conditions I had low confidence in treating previously. I had two patients a few days after I started using Master Tungs points say “whatever you did was like magic!”

I still have lots to learn and I wanted to thank you for encouraging the purchase.

I had a question that I would love some insight if you have any. My son (16 months old) had a small swollen area on the right side of the neck. It has been there about a year. It does not seem painful, there maybe 3 small nodules. We are getting it evaluated by a specialist soon.

Any master Tung points that you may consider?

Certainly you don’t have to answer this question, and I know that is a small amount of info to go on. If you have any thoughts that would be helpful I would be happy to pay for a virtual consult.

Thanks again,

Brent DeShaw D.C.

“Take this class! It will revolutionize your practice. I bless the day I met Susan Johnson. This is the most effective acupuncture I have ever seen done. My patients are very happy with the changes in their health.”

—Kathi Drake, L.Ac.
Madison, Wisconsin

“This series of classes will take you from wondering what you are missing to having a simple set of tools that produce swift results with just a few needles and grow your practice. After I utilized what I learned in this class, my patients experienced rapid and effective changes in their health.”

—Laura Christian, L.Ac.
Iowa City, Iowa

“Susan Johnson is a very inspiring teacher and practitioner. These classes will transform your practice immediately-they will boost your confidence both in terms of performing difficult techniques and treating challenging cases.”

—Audrey Ordona, L.Ac.
San Francisco, California

“This course re-inspired for me a love of acupuncture and more physical techniques, such as gwa-sha, cupping and deeper needling.”

—Doreen Giles, C.A.
Madison, Wisconsin

“I appreciate and value this information. I tried to learn it by myself from Miriam Lee’s book and it was very difficult. Susan has simplified the information and organized it and I cannot thank her enough.”

—P.Z., L.Ac.
Los Angeles, California

“Our instructor, Susan Johnson, was a gift to us all. She shared a level of practical knowledge that I had not yet experienced.”

—Brian Todd, C.A.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“No one else is teaching the material that Susan Johnson covers. I definitely recommend any of her courses.”

—Mari Stecker, L.Ac.
Madison, Wisconsin

“It’s amazing how fast these points work. My patients reported instant relief. If you want to be known as an effective practitioner, you need to study Master Tung’s Points with Susan Johnson.”

—Ken Glowaski, L.Ac.
Chicago, Illinois

“The series is very comprehensive and allows for immediate use of points. These classes have helped me earn a fabulous reputation in my area. If you are ready to be busy in an acupuncture practice, these classes prep you to think and work quickly, with great results.”

—Pat Worth, L.Ac.
Tipp City, Ohio

“Several of my long-standing questions about acupuncture were answered in the first hour of class (quick treatments for migraine relief, questions about eye disease and lung weakness). I feel inspired and have a deeper appreciation of this medicine now. Susan is a talented speaker with great command of the material. I am ecstatic that this information is available.”

—Wendy Stein, L.Ac.
Berkeley, California

“We are very lucky to have Susan Johnson-she possesses not only a vast body of knowledge, but the desire and ability to effectively teach…and teach with humor and compassion.”

—C.B., L.Ac.
San Francisco, California

“Susan clearly loves her work and is contagious in her excitement. Many instructors do not have that. Her information is so valuable.”

—M.G., L.Ac.
San Francisco, California

“Since beginning this five-part series, I have more energy for my practice. I am able to see more people with less fatigue. I’ve been practicing over nine years, and I suddenly have a lot more confidence in acupuncture.”

—C.T., L.Ac.
Louisville, Kentucky

“I used Master Tung’s Points to treat interstitial cystitis in a patient and she was ‘cured’ within two treatments. It has been three months now and she has not had a recurrence. Master Tung’s Points are amazing and can turn your practice around. Simple and effective, they really are magic points.”

—A.B., L.Ac.
Ephraim, Wisconsin

“This series has transformed my practice. Tung’s Points are the most powerful points I have learned. Susan Johnson is a very effective instructor, and the knowledge I have gained from these courses has exceeded my expectations.”

—D.M., L.Ac.
Sacramento, California