“Take this class! It will revolutionize your practice. I bless the day I met Susan Johnson. This is the most effective acupuncture I have ever seen done. My patients are very happy with the changes in their health.”

—Kathi Drake, L.Ac.
Madison, Wisconsin

“This series of classes will take you from wondering what you are missing to having a simple set of tools that produce swift results with just a few needles and grow your practice. After I utilized what I learned in this class, my patients experienced rapid and effective changes in their health.”

—Laura Christian, L.Ac.
Iowa City, Iowa

“Susan Johnson is a very inspiring teacher and practitioner. These classes will transform your practice immediately-they will boost your confidence both in terms of performing difficult techniques and treating challenging cases.”

—Audrey Ordona, L.Ac.
San Francisco, California

“This course re-inspired for me a love of acupuncture and more physical techniques, such as gwa-sha, cupping and deeper needling.”

—Doreen Giles, C.A.
Madison, Wisconsin

“I appreciate and value this information. I tried to learn it by myself from Miriam Lee’s book and it was very difficult. Susan has simplified the information and organized it and I cannot thank her enough.”

—P.Z., L.Ac.
Los Angeles, California

“Our instructor, Susan Johnson, was a gift to us all. She shared a level of practical knowledge that I had not yet experienced.”

—Brian Todd, C.A.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“No one else is teaching the material that Susan Johnson covers. I definitely recommend any of her courses.”

—Mari Stecker, L.Ac.
Madison, Wisconsin

“It’s amazing how fast these points work. My patients reported instant relief. If you want to be known as an effective practitioner, you need to study Master Tung’s Points with Susan Johnson.”

—Ken Glowaski, L.Ac.
Chicago, Illinois

“The series is very comprehensive and allows for immediate use of points. These classes have helped me earn a fabulous reputation in my area. If you are ready to be busy in an acupuncture practice, these classes prep you to think and work quickly, with great results.”

—Pat Worth, L.Ac.
Tipp City, Ohio

“Several of my long-standing questions about acupuncture were answered in the first hour of class (quick treatments for migraine relief, questions about eye disease and lung weakness). I feel inspired and have a deeper appreciation of this medicine now. Susan is a talented speaker with great command of the material. I am ecstatic that this information is available.”

—Wendy Stein, L.Ac.
Berkeley, California

“We are very lucky to have Susan Johnson-she possesses not only a vast body of knowledge, but the desire and ability to effectively teach…and teach with humor and compassion.”

—C.B., L.Ac.
San Francisco, California

“Susan clearly loves her work and is contagious in her excitement. Many instructors do not have that. Her information is so valuable.”

—M.G., L.Ac.
San Francisco, California

“Since beginning this five-part series, I have more energy for my practice. I am able to see more people with less fatigue. I’ve been practicing over nine years, and I suddenly have a lot more confidence in acupuncture.”

—C.T., L.Ac.
Louisville, Kentucky

“I used Master Tung’s Points to treat interstitial cystitis in a patient and she was ‘cured’ within two treatments. It has been three months now and she has not had a recurrence. Master Tung’s Points are amazing and can turn your practice around. Simple and effective, they really are magic points.”

—A.B., L.Ac.
Ephraim, Wisconsin

“This series has transformed my practice. Tung’s Points are the most powerful points I have learned. Susan Johnson is a very effective instructor, and the knowledge I have gained from these courses has exceeded my expectations.”

—D.M., L.Ac.
Sacramento, California