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EC Learning, in conjunction with the Acupuncture Association of America, is proud to present the Master Tung’s Magic Points Series with Susan Johnson.  We are excited to launch a comprehensive online series of courses that encompasses the full scope of Master Tung’s material as taught by Susan Johnson, internationally recognized teacher of Master Tung’s Style Acupuncture.

The Best of Master Tung's Magic Points

CEUs/PDAs: 11 1/2 (Approved: Canadian Standard, NCCAOM, Florida, California).

Includes notes, including a comprehensive Table of Contents for reference, are included with this course, and will be available for download after purchase.

All of the points and point patterns discussed in this course are considered 'heavy-hitters' by Susan. We have been given many extraordinary points from Master Tung's work, all of which can yield immediate and lasting results, but some of them Susan finds herself using all day, every day. What makes a point or one pattern a 'heavy-hitter' is its clinical usefulness. Practitioners attending this recording will be able to return to their clinics with lots of new ideas for immediate implementation. This course will give any practitioner a very good overview of the entire Master Tung’s system, lots of new points to add to his/her repertoire, and is an excellent choice as well, for those who already have some familiarity with Tung's Points.

Master Tung's Magic Points - Beginning Series

The Master Tung's Points Beginning Series is designed to immerse practitioners in this profound system of acupuncture. Students will learn unique and practical tools that will allow them to use the points immediately and effectively. These courses are an exceptional opportunity to learn Master Tung's points, fondly referred to as "magic" points. Not only can they be understood using the Nine Star/Magic Square theory of the I-Ching, Tung's Points are also immediately useful, and in most cases, have instant and lasting results.

Beginning Series Part 1

CEUs/PDAs: 12 (Approved: Canadian Standard, NCCAOM, Florida, California).

Susan introduces the Master Tung's Magic Points system, and teaches the history, beginning theory, and energetics of the points. Students will learn the points of the hands and arms.

Table of Contents

Beginning Series Part 2

CEUs/PDAs: 12 1/2 (Approved: Canadian Standard, California, NCCAOM, Florida).

Students will learn points of the feet and legs. The material is concentrated on point study, rather than general theory. Students will learn theory as related to individual points.

Table of Contents

Beginning Series Part 3

CEUs/PDAs: 12 1/4 (Approved: Canadian Standard, NCCAOM (12 1/2), Florida, California).

Students will learn points of the face, head, and torso. At this point in the series, students have the foundation to understand more theory, so they will learn a brief but essential piece of the advanced theory of Master Tung's Points.

Table of Contents

À La Carte

All modules in the beginning series are also available in 1-2 hour segments.

Master Tung's Magic Points - Advanced Series

In this Advanced Series, diseases and point combinations are discussed in these convenient modules exploring a wide variety of practical and valuable information that you can pick and choose from —either choose separate segments or buy the whole weekend. To review the modules and their contents, please click on each individual module link for more information, and access to a detailed table of contents description.

Susan Johnson’s Advanced Series material is normally presented over two 3-day seminar weekends. This online version of her popular course offers multiple learning options from booking a full weekend or picking and choosing specific learning segments via our “a la carte” options. Your learning choices are as follows:

  • A complete full, three-day module package (ie., the Advanced Series 1: Diseases & Point Combinations) NOTE: Advanced Series 2 will be made available in 2015.
  • Or, convenient 1-2 hour segments. These segments cover specific Tung’s point locations, functions, and indications. Each segment will include crystal clear video clips demonstrating the precise point location and needling technique for points addressed during the segment.

These classes are all lecture, and no crystal clear videos are shown. We discuss diseases and point combinations at length—all of the choices that might be chosen from for, say, sciatica, headache, etc.—and when you would use which one. Point locations are not covered in depth—only as a reminder.

Recorded Seminar: Advanced Series - Diseases & Combinations (All Parts)

CEUs/PDAs: 10 1/2 (Approved: Canadian Standard, California, NCCAOM, Florida).

Table of Contents

À La Carte

All modules in the advanced series are also available in 1-2 hour segments.

Point Location & Needling Guidelines Series

The two most common reasons why acupuncture treatments are ineffective are inappropriate diagnosis and inaccurate point location. The late Dr. Miriam Lee would say, “you must find the right key to open each lock.” She was right about that, and Master Tung’s Magic Points offer the acupuncture practitioner just those options. No matter what you are treating, once you have studied Tung acupuncture you will recognize many differing points or patterns to choose from when contemplating each patient’s situation. However, if your point location is inaccurate your treatment still may not work.

Recorded Seminar: Master Tung's Magic Points - Point Location & Needling Guidelines Series

CEUs/PDAs: 9 (Approved: Canadian Standard, NCCAOM, CAB, Florida).

Table of Contents 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

À La Carte

All modules in this seminar are also available in 1-2 hour segments.

The Ancient Art of Cupping

This course is devoted to the advanced technique of Cupping. A lecture on the The Ancient Art of Cupping will be presented, and will cover all the different styles of suction technique, as well as gua xia. Susan will discuss at length what the colour on the skin actually means and how and why toxins build up in the muscles and/or joints. Safety concerns will be addressed, as well as how to inform the patient about aftercare and what to expect from their cupping treatment. There will be recorded demonstrations of cupping patterns, with detailed explanations. Recorded Q&A and case histories about the various techniques that are presented are also included.

Recorded Seminar: Master Tung's Magic Points - The Ancient Art of Cupping

CEUs/PDAs: 11 1/2 (Approved: Standard, NCCAOM, California, Florida).

The Ancient Art of Bleeding

The Ancient Art of Bleeding is a cross-cultural modality used from time immemorial, in ancient Egypt, India, the Middle East and throughout all of Asia. In Chinese medicine, bleeding is commonly referred to as: pricking bleeding, micro-puncture, triangular needling or simply, blood-letting. This series of webinars are designed to explore: the origins of blood-letting; different styles and forms of bleeding; sterile technique and safety concerns; and to provide instruction on a wide variety of points that are bled for common ailments.

Recorded Seminar: Master Tung's Magic Points - The Ancient Art of Bleeding

CEUs/PDAs: 5 1/2 (Approved: Standard, NCCAOM, Florida).