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The Ancient Art of Cupping (Zoom)

March 19, 2022 @ 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Susan presents the Ancient Art of Cupping with the benefit of her numerous years in practice and years of synthesizing available information. She will begin with a lecture exploring and differentiating all the different styles of suction techniques, as well as gwa sha. She will then discuss at length the reasons for cupping, what the various shades of color on the skin mean, how to use cupping as a diagnostic tool, and how and why toxins build up in the muscles and/or joints.

Diagrams of specific cupping patterns will be provided. Significant time will be devoted to patient and doctor interface, safety concerns, and post-cupping expectations.

She will illustrate the cupping process with video footage, offering hundreds of minute details and experiential gems from her extensive experience as an acupuncturist.

Precise instruction in when, where, how, and why to use cupping, and the various cupping styles (plastic pump up, glass flame, running/pulling, and bamboo).

Printable versions of ten different cupping patterns for treating a wide range of structural issues.

No books are required.

Recordings available for three weeks following each class.

Cancellation policy: no refunds this near to class time.

CAB CEUs and NCCAOM PDAs approved (7 hours).


ILSA Member: 290.00
Non-ILSA Member: 340.00


Thank you Susan,
I am so excited about all the information you deliver on your webinar. Thank you for sharing such depth, wisdom and experience. My clinic is rising to another level with every TUNG treatment.
Thank you 🙏

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March 19, 2022
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


via Zoom