Extraordinary Momentum: Master Tung’s Four HorsesCombination



By Susan Johnson



Four Horses consists of three acupuncture points on eachthigh: 88.17, 88.18, and 88.19, Middle, Upper and Lower Four Horses, totalingsix points. This point pattern is wonderfully effective, easy to locate, andvery versatile. Master Tung’s Points practitioners highly value these points,as they treat a wide and diverse array of disorders. In this paper, I presentthe point locations and indications, and provide a detailed explanation of howthe Four Horses point pattern works when combined with certain other importantpoints in Master Tung’s system.


Four Horses are primary points for asthma and pneumonia, andare also very good for acute or chronic cough. This point combination is myfirst choice for colds and flus. It is also an excellent choice for allergies,seasonal allergies, and immune system weakness. It is used for rhinitis and allsinus problems, including sinus infection, sinus inflammation, and mucus. FourHorses is effective for nasal polyps and nasal atrophy as well. Nasal atrophymeans a loss of the ability to smell, and therefore a subsequent inability totaste; this occurs, for example, in post-surgical patients who wake up fromanesthesia and cannot smell or taste.


Four Horses are good for pleurisy, and wonderful for upperback pain. They also treat sciatica and lower back pain due to lung deficiency.These points are very effective for breast pain and chest pain, including chestpain due to injury, especially if the pain moves from the front to the sides.Because this very potent point combination is found between the Shao Yang andthe Yang Ming channels, it treats breast and chest pain, which are related toYang Ming, but it also treats pain that migrates to the side, which relates toShao Yang. Due to the Shao Yang connection, the points are likewise usedbilaterally, or for opposite side rib, costal, intercostal and flank pain.


Four Horses excel in treating nearly all kinds of skindisorders. Muscle treats muscle. Muscle also treats skin. These are fabulouspoints for the skin—for itching, pruritis, acne, shingles, psoriasis, andeczema. They treat skin fungus as well as thickening of the skin orscleroderma. Located very near the stomach channel and in large muscle withsignificant nerve and blood supplies, these points tonify the spleen and theqi. They adjust the spleen and stomach, and can be very effective in thetreatment of fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis, as well as skin disorders. Youmay also use these points for hemiplegia, facial paralysis or spasm, andpostpartum invasion of external wind chill causing joint pain, also known asafter-birth wind.


This point pattern can help the ears, too. For otitis media,ear inflammation, ear infection, deafness, and tinnitus, try Four Horses. Thecombination is effective for thyroid issues, hyperthyroid, enlarged thyroid,goiter, and protrusion of the eyeballs due to hyperthyroid.

This incredibly versatile combination may also be used forabdominal pain, lower leg strain or trauma, heart problems, and coronary heartdisease.


With proper point location and technique, Four Horses willbecome invaluable tools in any acupuncturist’s clinical repertoire. Theversatility of Four Horses places them in the highest category of effectivenesswithin Master Tung’s extraordinary point system. In the clinic of Dr. MiriamLee, OMD, her students called these points “Tung’s Magic Points.” Certainpractitioners believe that the word “magic” cheapens or trivializes the points.Of course, the points are not really magic, any more than the I-Ching is magic.However, some of us see magic and nearly transcendental inspiration in themathematical perfection of the I-Ching. Likewise, we find exquisite beauty inTung’s Acupuncture Points. Other systems offer profound and inspired points aswell, but none are more potent than these. The methods and reasons for thepoints’ effectiveness will continue to expand, the longer we study and practicethem. Few people in the history of mankind have made as significant acontribution as Master Tung, to ease the pain and suffering that is the humancondition. Today’s practitioners are deeply indebted to Dr. Young Wei-Chieh forbringing Master Tung’s Acupuncture to the United States, and to Dr. Miriam Lee,OMD, for teaching these points to western students; thanks to the generosityand wisdom of these great teachers, countless practitioners and patients reapthe benefits of Master Tung’s profound body of work.





Susan Johnson, L.Ac.was licensed by the State of California, USA, in 1985. She was first exposed toTung’s Acupuncture in 1982, in the clinic of Dr. Lee Chuan-Djin, OMD (Dr.Miriam Lee) in Palo Alto, California. Susan was a primary student of Dr. Leefor more than twelve years, and they traveled to Hefei, China together in 1987,to study bleeding techniques with Dr. Wang Su-Jen. Also in 1987, Susan wasintroduced to Dr. Young Wei-Chieh, which began a more in-depth inquiry intothese extraordinary points. Since that time, she has taken classes with Dr.Young whenever possible, maintains a clinical practice in Santa Cruz,California, and teaches courses in Master Tung’s Magic Points throughout theUnited States.