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For those of you just getting started with Master Tung’s Magic Points, the combination of the Tung’s Mastery Kit along with the Beginning Series might be the perfect choice for you! The complete Master Tung’s Magic Points Beginning Series is a three-workshop video series, designed to immerse practitioners in this profound system of acupuncture. Taught by Susan over Zoom in 2021, it was the first time she had taught the full Beginning Series in several years. This version of the series embodies the fullness of her experience, built up over the course of her entire career of nearly 40 years working with Master Tung’s Magic Points.

Note: This bundle deal is only good through Decemeber 3, 2024

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Susan presents points from Master Tung’s system, including:

  • Precise anatomical location
  • Operative theory
  • Indications
  • Point combinations
  • Case studies

Crystal clear video clips demonstrate the precise point location and needling technique for points discussed in class. Students learn unique and practical tools that will allow them to use the points immediately and effectively. These online seminars are an exceptional opportunity to learn Master Tung’s Points, fondly referred to as “magic” points. Some people dislike the word “magic” in reference to the points, but you might decide for yourself after trying them out. In the beginning stages of learning this point system, students find that it’s an invaluable recipe book—simple to learn, useful, and effective right away.

The complexities and deeper connections of the system become clear as practitioners study these points again and again. Susan continuously expands her own understanding of the points, and includes new information and case studies each time she teaches. These more recent classes are also very relevant for practitioners who want to review their techniques.

Together with Susan’s Diseases and Point Combination Class Videos, as well as her Point Location and Needling Technique Videos, you’d have everything you need to become a skillful Tung Acupuncture practitioner, all you need is the desire to learn and to master this famous and ancient method, the tools can be right at your finger tips.

Understanding how different point combinations are best used to treat a wide variety of specific diseases, gives you lots of options. Filmed in 2022, this newest recording series constitutes an incredible collection. With 24 separate videos (13 total hours of instruction), the new Diseases and Point Combinations represents Susan’s depth of knowledge in over 35 years of practice. Each video contains a Table of Contents (TOC), listing all items — each usually just a minute or two in length — with markers that allow you to quickly zoom in on the exact section you are looking for. For example: Headache, alone, has 57 markers, representing 57 different pieces of information, and with the TOC, each one is very easy to find. Add the Point Location and Needling Technique Videos to your account, and you’ve got a real winner for fast and easy access to course material and also video demonstrations of 60 different point patterns in the remarkable Tung’s Acupuncture System. Make figuring out what to do and doing it, as clear as possible, with these combined tools.

This package includes: