Master Tung's Magic Points, Volume 3:
The Clinician’s Best Friend

coming soon

February 27, 2024

Susan and Eric are very near completion a five-year stint of writing Master Tung's Magic Points Volume 3: The Clinician's Best Friend (which will be more than 1,000 pages).

Whereas Volume 1 provided in-depth point descriptions anatomically, Volume 3 looks at the same points through the lens of (an extensive list of) specific diseases, offering between 5 and 20 treatment protocols for each one. Exhaustive commentary includes functional medicine as well as TCM, with some of the latest breakthroughs in lab testing and current thought.

Table of Contents

(Nearly Finished...)


“Where’s Volume 2?”

Some of you might be asking: "Where's volume 2"? Volume 2 is in the wings and 70% done, includes all of the theory utilized in point selection and will be out before the end of the year. We decided to launch Volume 3 first because it will be your Tung's Acupuncture bible from now on.