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In-Depth Tung’s Points 2 + The Ancient Art of Bleeding (in Kaiserslautern, Germany)

October 11 - October 13

The Ancient Art of Bleeding (Friday)

The Ancient Art of Bleeding is a cross-cultural modality used from time immemorial, in ancient Egypt, India, the Middle East and throughout all of Asia. In Chinese medicine, bleeding is commonly referred to as: pricking bleeding, micro-puncture, triangular needling or simply, blood-letting. This course is designed to explore: the origins of blood-letting; different styles and forms of bleeding; sterile technique and safety concerns; and to provide instruction on a wide variety of points that are bled for common ailments.

This class begins with an introduction to bleeding techniques, followed by a narrated slideshow from Susan’s 1987 trip to HeFei Research Hospital, in China, with Dr. Miriam Lee, where they studied bleeding techniques with a third generation bleeding expert, Dr. Wang Xiu-Zhen. Susan discusses: sterile technique; different sizes and types of bleeding needles, including disposable hypodermic needle tips and lancets; points that are commonly bled; bamboo cupping; and some interesting case studies.

Lecture will continue with the theory behind the use of bleeding, including seven distinct functions of bleeding; further safety concerns, including sterilization and the proper disposal of blood products; knowing the laws regarding bleeding; superficial bleeding, like: seven-star hammering; common conditions that are bled; a slideshow of bleeding being done in New Delhi; a slideshow of bamboo cupping being performed in Viet Nam; and a series of six movie clips from Susan’s previous bleeding classes, used to demonstrate different bleeding techniques.

In the afternoon, Susan will demonstrate as many different bleeding techniques as time allows, including: superficial and deep bleeding, seven star hammering of the toxin areas, bleeding the knees for herpes, bamboo cupping of the spine, DT07 Three Gold bleeding and bleeding the sacrum. Students from the class will volunteer for these demonstrations. Attention will be given to setting up for a bleeding technique, performing the technique and attending to aftercare and cleaning the treatment area.

6.5 PDA credits.

Cancellation policy: 80% refund, up to two weeks prior to the class, none thereafter.

PDA credits: 6.5 units

Handouts will be provided; no books are required.

In-Depth Tung’s Points, Part 2 (Saturday/Sunday)

The In-Depth Master Tung’s Points & Theory series, taught by Susan Johnson, is a two-weekend course designed to immerse practitioners in this profound system of acupuncture. Students are encouraged to participate in both weekends for the maximum experience, but attendance in both weekends is not required. While the Best of Master Tung’s Magic Points is an excellent introduction to this system, the number of points covered is limited. In-Depth Master Tung’s Points delves into many more points, beginning with the hands and arms on the first weekend, and moving on through the feet and legs, ending with the torso and head on the second weekend. In this more focused version of her Beginning Series, Susan presents points from Master Tung’s system with precise anatomical location, operative theory, indications, point combinations, and case studies. Crystal clear video clips demonstrate the precise point location and needling technique for points discussed in class. Students will learn unique and practical tools that will allow them to use the points immediately and effectively.

This two-weekend seminar is designed for both beginning and advanced students, and the points are appropriate for practitioners at every level. In the beginning stages of learning this point system, students find that it’s an invaluable recipe book—it’s simple to learn, useful, and effective right away. The complexities and deeper connections of the system become clear as practitioners study these points again and again. Susan continuously expands her own understanding about the points, and includes new information and case studies each time she teaches. These classes are very relevant for practitioners who want to review their techniques.

These seminars are an exceptional opportunity to learn Master Tung’s points, fondly referred to as “magic” points. Some people dislike the word “magic” in reference to the points, but you might decide for yourself after trying out Master Tung’s Points.

The seminars may be taken as a two-weekend series, or individually. The entire series can be taken many times, and always, new jewels will be gleaned.

In the first weekend, Susan introduces this point system, and teaches the history, beginning theory, and energetics of the points. Students learn many important points of the hands and arms, and begin points of the feet and legs.

In the second weekend, students will continue to learn points of the feet and legs, and begin to learn points of the face, head, and torso. The material concentrate on point study; rather than general theory. Sunday afternoon, Susan will present an important piece of Advanced theory.
Handouts will be provided; no books are required.

PDA credits: 13 units per weekend (26 total)


Costs per series

Early bird registration until September 1 € 640
Any later registration: € 690
Vegetarian lunch, salad buffet, fruit ,coffee, tea, water all day
Cancellation policy 80% refund, up 2 weeks prior the class, none thereafter.


October 11
October 13


Uschi Haehn


IT Campus Europaallee 10 67657 Kaiserslautern
Europaallee 10
Kaiserslautern, 67657 Germany
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